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ABOUT Kingdom Design and Build

With over 30 years of construction experience combines with an excellent management strategy gets you a well-rounded team.

With all of the fly-by-night home improvement companies out there giving the construction industry a bad name we wanted to be the one organization that pays attention to customer feedback. It wasn’t difficult to separate ourselves from others due to the wave of salesmen pushing customers on high-priced service agreements. Our focus became customer service oriented which was well received. Over the years, we have added to that mindset and trained everyone at Kingdom Design and Build to keep our core mission in mind as we push through the year.


Our Trusted team


Andre Williamson

CEO and founder of Kingdom Design and Build LLC


Melinda Jones

Chief Administrator


Ceolus Raines III

Chief Operations Officer

Kingdom Design and Build, Ceolus ensures the day-to-day is moving smoothly.

As an owner and Chief Operations Officer, Ceolus manages the day to day of Kingdom Design and Build’s marketing, sales, and production efforts.

With over 10 years of home improvement experience, Ceolus is also a successful business consultant. Having negotiated the sales of small businesses in Maryland and DC, he brings a unique approach to Kingdom Design and Build.

He is not afraid to pull out the tool belt either. Getting his start as a hauler and working his way to completing full renovation projects, Ceolus is well-rounded and ready to take on the next chapter.


Sonya Lewis

Office Manager

Sonya handles the KDB process. As the heartbeat of the company, Sonya doesn't miss a beat.

Sonya spends more of her time maintaining strong relationships and keeping the team on track.

As the Office Manager, Sonya plays a vital role in the day-to-day. This is composed of monitoring production crews and managing projects whether it’s building, remodeling, and designing.

Sonya has over 8 years of home improvement experience. Much like the construction industry, Sonya personally developed a multitude of skills and abilities in various work conditions. All of which is used to help run the office at Kingdom Design and Build.