Why would anyone want to build their home from scratch when they could easily buy a pre-owned or spec home? KRS Holdings Management team says buying a pre-owned home is the most convenient way to become a homeowner. But building your home from the ground up offers the greatest satisfaction.


Although building your own home is more stressful and time-consuming, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Among the many reasons more home buyers are opting to make their own home from scratch, here are three of the top benefits:

  • When completed, the home will perfectly reflect your lifestyle and needs. Instead of adapting to another person’s idea of what a home should be, you can adjust your home to suit your unique preferences.
  • You choose the location you want. When you opt for a pre-owned home, you never know what part of town you will end up in. But building your own home puts you in full control of where you want your home to be.
  • Whether it costs more or less than a pre-owned home, you get more value for your money when you build your own home. You can select materials for every part of the home, and you don’t have to do costly upgrades.
  • There are significant risks to building your own home. If you choose to take this route, you must find a way to overcome issues like getting financing for the project, managing costs so they don’t spiral out of control, and overseeing your builder, among other things.
  • How can you manage your home-build so it does not become a problem? How do you ensure your home does not become one of the thousands of homes that were started but never completed? The following steps will help you avoid problems as you build your home.

    4 important steps in the home-building process

  • Familiarize yourself with the steps

Erecting a building is an incredibly complicated affair and probably unlike any project you have ever done. Home buyers who build their own homes often get caught up in the excitement and need to understand how the construction process works. Building a house follows a detailed sequence.

Knowing how each phase connects to other phases and the order in which they should happen will make it easier to cost your project and control those costs. Although your builder will normally have enough experience to manage the entire process, remember that your money is at risk.

How much do you want to spend?

Avoid developing a house design before deciding how much you want to spend on the project. This is the first step to making your project go over budget. A comprehensive budget is a reference guide for all decisions about the build.

It determines the best location for your home, the size of the house you build on the lot, and the kinds of finishes you use in the home. To budget effectively, you need to know the cost of every single detail of the project; for that, you need the help of a team of building experts.

Assemble your team

Why is it important to assemble a team before you buy the lot where you will build your house? Because the land you choose will impose certain limitations on the kind of house you build. Factors such as the orientation of the lot, its slope, groundwater, utility lines, zoning laws, and soil type greatly influence your design and costs.

Hire a builder before you buy your land because they (a build and design company) can look at every aspect of the project and advise you. They will ensure that you can build the house you want on the land you buy and that it can be completed within your stated budget. Visit Kingdom Design and Build for help with the design-build process.

Design your house

For most people, this is the fun part of the project. But even here, you have to be careful. A common design mistake is to fail to separate your needs from your wants and ensure that you prioritize the former over the latter. Another common mistake is neglecting to factor in what your life will be like in the next ten years.

One last fatal mistake is designing the home so that it is easier to find a buyer or renter if you eventually decide to sell or lease it out. Even though this is your dream home, you want your head firmly planted in reality when designing it.

Time spent in planning and other preliminary steps will determine the quality of the house you eventually build. Through this process, you get the chance to evaluate your ability to see the project to completion. By following the listed steps, you ensure that the house you build will be everything you dreamed your home to be.